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From the Director: Tom Ikeda

Last week I was at the former Manzanar concentration camp with a team of Densho trainers to work with 37 educators who teach in the area surrounding Manzanar. I was expecting good weather and great views of the Sierra Mountains, but instead I was treated to a snowstorm with strong winds whipping snow pellets in my face as I walked from building to building. As I felt my cold feet in my wet running shoes, wishing I brought my boots, I thought of the many Japanese Americans who were sent to Manzanar during World War II, unprepared for the harsh conditions. I realized I was getting a small taste of the conditions Japanese Americans suffered during World War II. Thank you to the National Park Service and the dedicated park rangers for their work to preserve and interpret Manzanar so that people can visit and experience what it was like for the 10,000 Japanese Americans imprisoned there.

As we enter the last month of 2013, I have a favor to ask. Please consider an online donation to Densho this year. The Densho board and staff have created a challenge match for our eNews readers to support. Drop me a line at [email protected] when you donate online so that I can thank you. Or send me a message about what we can do better to earn your contribution. I want to know. Thanks!

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Archive Spotlight

Henry Ueno: Hearing About the Bombing of Pearl Harbor While in Japan

Henry Ueno was born in Pendleton, Oregon, but was living in Japan with his mother and siblings when World War II broke out. In this clip, he talks about what it felt like to hear about the bombing of Pearl Harbor as an American citizen living in Japan. Henry Ueno's full interview is available in the Densho Digital Archive.

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Densho News

$20,000 Online Challenge Match Kickoff with GivingTuesday

We need your help to support our teacher training and oral history interview programs. The Densho board and staff have pooled resources to create a $20,000 Densho Challenge match for online donations in December. What this means is that every dollar donated online in December will be matched by a dollar from Densho's board and staff. The impact of your online donation gets doubled in December. And if you donate $125 or more, you receive a gift book, The Colors of Confinement, by Eric Muller, or a DVD of the film, A Flicker in Eternity. If you donate $200, you receive both.

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Training Teachers in Silver Spring, Maryland

Densho is excited to conduct its first East Coast teacher workshop this week in the Washington DC area. This will be the 15th workshop over the past year for Executive Director Tom Ikeda and Educational Consultant Janet Hayakawa. The ratings for these workshops have been excellent, receiving an average score of 4.9 out of 5 with the 550 teachers who have participated.

  • Montgomery County, MD - Dec 7th in partnership with National Japanese American Memorial Foundation

These workshops examine how to use primary source materials to develop analysis and reasoning skills. The workshops are designed around thinking routines and content about the World War II incarceration of Japanese Americans. Funding for the workshop is provided, in part, by a grant from the Department of the Interior, National Park Service, Japanese American Confinement Sites Grant Program.

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Thank You 4Culture!

In 2013 Densho received four 4Culture grants for projects totaling $30,500. 4Culture is the cultural services agency for King County, Washington. The 4Culture grant projects include a Heritage Special Projects grant to hire and train interns to help digitize and catalogue historic photos and documents about the World War II mass removal and incarceration of Japanese Americans, a Heritage Cultural Facilities grant to help protect the Densho digital collections, a Heritage Collections Care grant to help us complete the migration of interview files from tape to archival disc media, and a Heritage Sustained Support grant for general operations.

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Community News and Events

Eric Saul Speech at the Opening of the Go For Broke Exhibit at JANM

Eric Saul gave a moving speech on November 10, 2013, at the opening of the exhibition Go For Broke: Japanese American Soldiers Fighting on Two Fronts at the Japanese American National Museum. Go For Broke chronicles the history of Japanese American Nisei soldiers from the 100th Infantry Battalion, 442nd Regimental Combat Team, and Military Intelligence Service who served during World War II to prove their loyalty to the nation that classified them as "enemy aliens" despite the fact that they were American citizens. The exhibit will be open through March 2, 2014.

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