Densho eNews - April

From the Director: Tom Ikeda

Next week Densho will hold its all-staff retreat. This is a time for us to get away from our day-to-day responsibilities to think about and discuss why our work matters. We bring to Seattle Content Director Brian Niiya from Honolulu, Senior Software Developer Geoff Jost from Pasadena, and Educational Consultant Janet Hayakawa from Olympia to join the seven of us in Seattle (Deputy Director Geoff Froh, Production Manager Dana Hoshide, Office Administrator and Special Projects Manager Naoko Magasis, Photograph and Document Collections Manager Caitlin Oiye, Development and Production Specialist Nina Wallace, Grants Manager and Oral History Coordinator Virginia Yamada, and Executive Director Tom Ikeda.) We will spend a few days evaluating our work and talking about how we can do better, but more importantly we will discuss topics like, "How is Densho's mission evolving?" and "What does outrageous success look like for Densho?"

I love this "big picture" discussion because it reminds me why I do this work, generates new fresh challenges, and affirms my admiration for the people I get to work with everyday. We recognize that the innovative ideas we explored yesterday are now ordinary news or established practices, and we need to discover new ideas to keep our work fresh, challenging, and impactful. Join the conversation by sending your ideas of what outrageous success looks like for Densho to [email protected].

Also, I hope you enjoyed our Special April 1st eNews edition a couple of days ago that was written by Brian Niiya and Geoff Froh!

Archive Spotlight

Frank Kitamoto: Effects of the Incarceration Experience on Children

We are saddened to hear of the passing of Frank Kitamoto. Frank was one of Densho's founding volunteers who helped define Densho's mission of keeping the Japanese American story alive. Frank's memorial service will be at 2pm on April 6th at the Woodward Middle School on Bainbridge Island. Densho interviewed Frank in 1998. In this clip from his interview, he discusses the impact the World War II incarceration experience had on his life, even though he was young. Frank Kitamoto's full interview is available in the Densho Digital Archive.

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>> Read the Densho Encyclopedia article on Bainbridge Island, Washington

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Densho News

Densho Presentations at History Conferences

Tom Ikeda, Densho Executive Director, will do a presentation about Gordon Hirabayashi at the Pacific Northwest History Conference in Vancouver, WA, on Friday, April 4th. Tom will present about the work of Professor Roger Daniels on the World War II incarceration of Japanese Americans at the Organization of American Historians Conference in Atlanta, GA, on Saturday, April 12th.

>> For more information about the Pacific Northwest History Conference
>> For more information about the Organization of American Historians Conference

Oral History Interviews in April

The Densho interview team will be conducting 6 interviews in South Bend, Washington, and Ontario, Oregon, during the month of April. These interviews are part of a partnership with the Oregon Nikkei Endowment to collect more stories about the experiences of Japanese Americans in Oregon.

Seeking Graphic Design, Printer, Web Design, and Video Production Help this Spring and Summer

Densho has several projects needing contract help in the coming months. See below for more information about these positions.

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Community News and Events

Minidoka Pilgrimage Registration is Open

Registration for the 2014 Minidoka Pilgrimage - June 19-22 is now open. The 12th annual Minidoka Pilgrimage in Twin Falls, Idaho, provides an opportunity to share memories, ask questions, and learn more about the Minidoka concentration camp experience.

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