How to Cite Densho

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When using Densho interviews and photographs, please include the following information for proper citation. The exact format used will vary depending on the citation style chosen (e.g., MLA, Chicago, APA, etc.) and whether it appears in footnotes or a bibliography. However, the pieces of information described below should always be included. In general, the first citation will follow the long format and subsequent citations will follow the short format.


Long format:

<Narrator full name>, interview by <interviewer full name>, <interview date>, <interview collection (if other than Densho)>, Densho.

Frank Emi, interview by Frank Abe, February 23, 1993, Frank Abe Collection, Densho.

Short format:

<Narrator last name>, interview by <interviewer last name>, <interview date>, <collection>, Densho.

Emi, interview by Abe, 2/23/93, Frank Abe Collection, Densho.

For placement on an acknowledgement page, please use:

Densho: The Japanese American Legacy Project is a digital archive of videotaped interviews, photographs, documents, and other materials relating to the Japanese American experience. Additional information on the project is available at

Photographs and Images

<Title> (<Densho ID>), Densho, <Collection Name>.

"Boy Scout Camping Trip" (denshopd-p15-00001), Densho, the Mitsuoka Family Collection.

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