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Densho provides free multidisciplinary lessons that introduce students to questions of civil liberties in relation to the life experiences of Japanese Americans. The online units available here feature a variety of printable lessons that meet curriculum goals correlated to standards in several subjects.

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Densho provides teacher professional development workshops on Teaching with Primary Sources. For more information click the link below or email info@densho.org.

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Newspapers in Education
Newspapers in Education To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the forced removal of Japanese Americans from Seattle, Densho in partnership with the Seattle Times Newspapers in Education series published an educational supplement on April 30, 2012. More...
Civil Liberties Curriculum
Civil Liberties Curriculum Using primary sources from the Densho Digital Archive, five innovative lessons encourage elementary, middle, and high school students to examine questions of constitutional and civil rights in relation to the Japanese American incarceration. They will relate this historical episode to contemporary debates over individual rights and national security. More...
Civil Rights and Japanese American Incarceration
Civil Rights and Japanese American Incarceration Examine civil rights issues in the context of the Japanese American experience during the immigration years and World War II. Students can consider this legacy in regard to contemporary questions of national security and civil liberties. This multi-lesson module was developed in cooperation with the Stanford Program on International and Cross-Cultural Education (SPICE). The curriculum is intended for high school or undergraduate students. More...
Sites of Shame
Sites of Shame Explore the national network of incarceration camps and detention facilities where Japanese American citizens and non-citizens were held during World War II. This research resource features an interactive map with a wealth of photos and multimedia content. More...
In the Shadow of My Country
In The Shadow of My Country: A Japanese American Artist Remembers This bilingual virtual exhibition with an innovative curriculum conveys a Japanese American family's incarceration story through renowned artist Roger Shimomura's American Diary series. By exploring the paintings, historical photos, and comments of the artist, students can investigate the historical background of the incarceration and make connections to current events. The accompanying teachers guide contains activities appropriate for grades 5 through 12. More...

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